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Norcol Custom Exteriors is a proud supplier of York Aluminum enclosures. A 100% Canadian Family owned and operated company that specializes in custom aluminum products for Canadian homes.

Our enclosures not only expand your living space, but help conserve heat in the winter, and add ventilation in the summer. All products are virtually maintenance free, with a wide selection of standard baked-on enamel finishes to compliment your home’s colour scheme.

At Norcol, each enclosure we install is completely custom to achieve the best look and function. Custom fabricated operating windows, fixed glass panels, solid wall panels and storm doors are all designed and assembled to beautifully enhance your home.

If your home does not have an alcove, you can still have an enclosure, as we are also able to provide a 3” insulated roof system.


  • Protection from elements

  • Keeps the snow and rain away from your entrance

  • Added security

  • A winter buffer zone keeping heat in and drafts and snow out

  • Extra space for boots, coats, plants or people

  • Summer ventilation

  • No worries about steel door warranties

  • Added home value

  • A touch of class

Remember to use our Design Your Home page to see what your home will look like using your favourite style choices.

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